What is a Fraktion?

Creators generate content Fraktions by registering their content on Frak Dashboard. Fraktions symbolize the users’ investments in a content. Any user in Frak interacting with a content that has been previously registered will generate $FRK earnings for both the creator and them:

  • A Free low-profitable Fraktion is given out to any user that interacts with the content allowing $FRK distribution.

  • Users can generate more $FRK by investing in a Fraktion of a higher profitability. The higher the level, the more the user and the creator earn for each minute played.

Fraktion generation & price evolution

When minting the content, the creator generates a fixed amount of Fraktions:

  • New Fraktions are automatically issued weekly if one level is sold out according to the sales virality.

  • The price of the Fraktions are the same for every content at first, it evolves with the virality of the content.

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