About $FRK token for Creators

As a content creator within the Frak ecosystem, your earnings are directly tied to the engagement of users who have registered in Frak and consume your content. The unique aspect of this system is the role played by the Fraktions associated with your content.

Here's how it works:

  • Fraktion Levels and Earnings: The level of the Fraktion associated with your content determines both your earnings and the rewards for users consuming your content. Higher Fraktion levels result in increased rewards for both you and the user for each minute played.

  • $FRK: The Cryptocurrency of Frak: $FRK serves as the official cryptocurrency within the Frak ecosystem. It symbolizes the value generated through content consumption and is the key to unlocking a variety of possibilities.

  • Swap $FRK: While initially stated as swap with other cryptocurrencies or fiat money, please note that currently, $FRK can be swapped exclusively with MATIC, a cryptocurrency. This dynamic feature allows you to diversify your crypto portfolio or convert $FRK to MATIC for various purposes.

  • Spending in Partner Goods and Services: Beyond swapping, $FRK can be utilized to access goods and services from our partner network, including platforms like Twitch, Apple, FNAC, and more. This adds a real-world utility to your earnings within the Frak ecosystem.

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