Unpaid CCUs: Understanding the 30-Minute Requirement

In the dynamic world of content consumption on our platform, it's crucial to grasp the nuances of Content Consumption Units (CCUs) and the 30-minute requirement that impacts payment. This article aims

1. The Weekly CCU System:

  • Our platform operates on a weekly CCU system, spanning from Monday to Sunday. Users accumulate CCUs based on the content they engage with during this timeframe.

2. The 30-Minute Threshold:

  • To be eligible for payment, a user must accumulate a minimum of 30 minutes of content consumption within the weekly cycle.

3. CCU Reset:

  • If a user fails to reach the 30-minute threshold within the week, their CCU count resets to zero for the following week.

4. The Weekly Cycle and Lost CCUs:

  • CCUs from the previous week do not carry over or contribute to the current week's payment calculation. This means that any CCUs below 30 minutes within a week result in the loss of potential earnings for that specific timeframe.

5. Immediate Action:

  • Users are urged to take immediate action if they find themselves with CCUs below the 30-minute threshold. Engaging with content to meet the required duration ensures eligibility for payment in the current week.

In conclusion, the 30-minute requirement is a pivotal factor in determining CCU payments on our platform. Users should be proactive in ensuring their weekly engagement meets this threshold to maximize their earnings.

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