How to install Frak Extension?

The Extension is available on Chrome Webstore (more browsers to come). Click here to download it.

The Extension will be active after authentication. Signing up will automatically create a wallet linked to the email address of your account.


  • Watch a complete video to create a wallet

  • Begin by watching a video from a YouTube channel that's NOT minted on Frak After 30 minutes, either you or someone else should rewatch it. Do this, and secure YOUR 0.1 $FRK !

  • The indicator turns green when you’re watching YouTube & earn $FRK for every minute watched

  • You can Claim your Balance from 5 $FRK

  • There may be a delay between video viewing and $FRK appearing in the claimable amount due to blockchain processing. Frak stores this data until it's recorded, then deletes it from the database.

  • $FRK earnings displayed in the extension will be refreshed every 30 minutes.

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