Earning Mechanics

In Frak Ecosystem, you can increment your balance in many ways.
  • Watch a video on YouTube with an extension active on the web browser, The listening time is sent when the video ends or pauses.
  • Listen to a podcast on Sybel (mobile, tablet, web…) The listening time is sent every 24 hours. The level of the fraktion of the content you own.
  • Creator Pool Rewards Dividend received every XX according to your investments (fraktions) performances. Read more on Creator Pools
  • Referral Coming soon.
  • Stacking Coming soon
Do not forget to claim your rewards to update your total balance. Read more on this topic


There are 3 types of pools in the Frak Ecosystem:
  • The Reward Pool: for both users and Creators. $FRK are generated for each minute of content consumed on a YouTube Channel or Podcast on Sybel. And rewarded according to your consumption and the level of the Fraktion of the content that you own (Read more on Fraktions).
  • The Content Pool: Every time content is consumed, a percentage of the earnings is stacked in a Wallet related to the Content. Every day, the Fraktions holders receive dividends depending on the duration of staking and Fraktion level.
  • Referral Pools: Coming soon
  • Watch a complete video to create a wallet
  • Begin by watching a video from a YouTube channel that's NOT minted on Frak After 30 minutes, either you or someone else should rewatch it. Do this, and secure YOUR 0.1 $FRK !
  • The indicator turns green when you’re watching YouTube & earn $FRK for every minute watched
  • You can Claim your Balance from 5 $FRK
  • There may be a delay between video viewing and $FRK appearing in the claimable amount due to blockchain processing. Frak stores this data until it's recorded, then deletes it from the database.
  • $FRK earnings displayed in the extension will be refreshed every 30 minutes.
Last modified 2mo ago