About Frak for Creators

Thanks to blockchain technology, Frak enables Creators and their community to be rewarded for every minute viewed on YouTube or listened on Sybel Podcast. Unleash the Power of FRAK right here.​

Frak allows creators to:

  • Earn additional income for every minute your videos are consumed on the platform where you post your creations.
  • Own your community for life, regardless of changes in algorithms or platform rules: have a direct link with 100% of your community.

How to join Frak?

Creators sign in Frak Dashboard to create an account on Frak and register their YouTube Channel or Sybel Podcast and earn $FRK for the consumption of their content by the community. Discover Creators Earning Mechanics.

Content Registration

Registering content allows you to claim the earnings of your Content, it also allows the distribution of Fraktions of your Content that your community can invest in. Read more on Content Registration.​


A Fraktion refers to an investment that a member of the community makes on your Channel or Podcast. The amount invested in Fraktions differs according to their level (Common, Premium, Gold and Diamond). Each level matches the Return On Investment for its owner: the higher the level of the Fraktion, the more the user will earn. Read more on Fraktions.​


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