What kind of content can I register?

Everyone can register their content into Frak 🙂 and for free!

Today, platforms compatible with Frak are:

  • YouTube

  • Sybel Podcasts

  • …More to come 🙂

As Frak is compatible with YouTube and Sybel, every podcast with an RSS Feed and every Youtube Channel can be registered into the ecosystem.

What is an RSS feed?

An RSS Feed is a coded link created by a host company. To create this link, the podcaster has to give all the informations and assets to the host company. Some of those informations will appear to the users (the mp3, the visuals, the synopsis) and others wont (as other tag informations for the recommendation). Every assets has its drawer and everything is accurately classified.

By inserting this link into podcast apps, the host company will receive data consumption of the podcast and can share it with the podcast owner.

As soon as a new episode is uploaded in the feed by the podcaster, the podcast is automatically updated everywhere it has been dropped.

Also, as this is a coded link, it’s not visible by the users and it’s protected, nobody can modify it, except the owner of the podcast.

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