Frak and the Environment

Polygon Blockchain

Sybel uses Polygon Blockchain which is one of the most eco friendly blockchain thanks to its Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism .
Polygon’s validators approximately consume 0.00079TWh of electricity yearly with an approximate continuous draw of 0.00009GW, orders of magnitude below the energy consumption by the major PoW blockchain networks.
Comparison between PoW blockchains and Polygon
Energy consumption
Hourly Electricity Draw comparison
To put Polygon’s eco-friendliness in perspective, Polygon’s yearly energy consumption is equivalent to:

Carbon Offsetting (Soon)

Sybel will donate its profit to combat Climate change via burn Carbon Credit, for detail, please visit: In addition, it will opt to migrate to a “carbon neutral” Blockchain

Donation System (Under Development)

Users can choose to donate their SYBL Earnings, which will be swapped to USDC/Fiat, and donate to Carbon Credit Buying/Burning. Donation is voluntary.
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