This action will proceed to the transfer of all your assets to your own custodial wallet. You won’t loose any assets. The statistics of the gained FRK per content will be deleted in the dashboard


To migrate, you must first fulfill the following requirements :

  • Access to a non-custodial Wallet

  • A small amount of Matic if you want to swap afterward

How to migrate

Go to Frak Dashboard website and click “Link My Wallet” then connection.

2. Connect to non-custodial Wallet

2.1 Click “Connect”

You are connected with your non-custodial wallet now. All the assets will be transferred to this wallet on the blockchain Polygon

3. Review Your Migration

3.1 Click “Confirm”

4. Claim your pending rewards

To be able to have your balance up to date, it is necessary to claim. After claiming, you'll have all your $FRK up to date.

5. Assets update

Now that your assets are up-to-date, you can start transferring your $FRK and FRAKTIONS to your non-custodial wallet by clicking on “START TRANSFER ASSETS”

Confirm that the transfers have been made, and you're done! 🤝

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