Shut Down of new Sign-Ups

As Frak Labs moves towards an important phase of its journey, we are temporarily suspending the registration of new users. This is a crucial step in improving FRAK and preparing for the next leap into blockchain-based content distribution!
Q: Why is Frak Labs closing new registrations?
A: It was planned that the MVP phase would include 15,000 users, and that once this target had been reached, the Frak team would have enough feedback to prepare the beta. So thank you, we've reached over 17,000 users! This temporary shutdown allows the FRAK teams to focus on the development of the beta version, ensuring that we can incorporate feedback and lessons learned from the MVP phase to deliver an improved experience and requested new features. 🚀
Q: When will the closure take place?
A: The suspension of registrations for new users and content creators will take effect from February 1, 2024, as we transition from the MVP phase to the beta development phase.
Q: What will happen as of February 1st?
A: As of February 1, Frak Labs will no longer accept new users or content creators. However, users who registered before this date will benefit from VIP status.
Q: How can I still register after February 1st?
A: We will also open a limited waiting list for those who wish to register after February 1st, in order to benefit from early access to the beta version and advantageous conditions for the next presale.
Q: What does VIP status mean for early adopters?
A: VIP status is granted to early adopters who register before February 1st. This status gives them uninterrupted access to the current Frak platform, exclusive access to the beta version and very favorable conditions for future pre-sales.
Q: Are there any changes for VIP users?
A: VIP users will continue to earn FRK for each minute of video watching on YouTube.
However, during this phase, there will be no new creators added, meaning no auto-minting for being the first to watch a new YouTube channel on Frak, so no 0,1 FRK earning and such channels won't be registered in the Frak ecosystem.
Additionally, there will be no new Fraktions available every Monday. Users should invest in Fraktions quickly, as once they are sold out, they will have to wait for the Beta launch to access more!
Q: How can the community stay updated?
A: We encourage our community to stay connected with us through our social media channels for ongoing updates. We are committed to keeping you informed about our roadmap, progress and developments as we prepare for the exciting launch of the Beta version.
Last modified 28d ago